Jamie Bissig



My name is Jamie and I am a Disney lovin' wife and mom! From the  

first time I stepped foot on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom at  

Walt Disney Word at the mere age of 2, I have had the Disney "BUG"! 


I visited Walt Disney World in sunny Florida many times during my  

childhood and the love of all things Disney just continued to grow.  

When I met my husband, he had never been to Disney so I knew I  

was in for a bit of transitioning while I tried to Disneyfy him. Well  

fast forward 24 years later and he loves Disney as much as I do. Our  

kids have inherited the Disney "BUG" as well and enjoy visiting the  

mouse any chance they get. 


I have seen so many changes at Disney since my very first visit and  

it continues to grow and change with each passing year. As an  

agent, I am required by Disney to complete specific training to keep  

up to date with all these changes. This allows me to pass on my  

knowledge as well as first hand experience to my clients to aid them  

in a smooth and stress free planning process. 


I would love to help you book and plan a Disney trip tailored to your  

specific needs.  It is truly a blessing to be working my dream job as  

Manager and Agent with Vacations Gone Goofy, an Authorized  

Disney Vacation Planner. I look forward to working with you! Contact  

me today! 

Jamie Bissig 

Manager / Agent 

Phone : 937-554-6752 

Email : jamie@gonegoofy.com


 Online or          In Person

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