Frequently asked questions

We know you will have questions, and we are here to answer them! Hopefully we can answer a few before you even ask! That's what we do best!


Q) Is Vacations Gone Goofy an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner? 

A) Yes, Vacations Gone Goofy achieved the elite title of Authorized Disney Vacation Planner a few years ago, and has continued to maintain that status. We proudly display our Disney Earmarked Awards in our main office. Come on by, and we'll be happy to show them off!

Q) How much do your services cost?

A) Our services are free to our clients that have booked their Disney Resort Room or Disney Cruise with us. We don't mark up any prices. You pay the same price with Vacations Gone Goofy that you would by booking direct with Disney. So you have nothing to lose. No fees, no mark ups!

Q) What if I did not book a resort room with Vacations Gone Goofy?
A) Sometimes we can transfer the reservation to the agency if it meets all of the criteria. In order to transfer a reservation to us it must have been made within the last 30 days, it cannot be paid in full, it cannot be within 30 days of your travel date. If you trip meets all of these criteria, then we may be able transfer the booking to our agency. If it cannot be transfered, or you are not booking a room at all, you have the option to contract one of our vacation planners for a planning fee of $200.


Q) If I am not booking a room, and decide to purchase the planning service for $200, what does that cover?

A) Our planning fee includes dining reservations, transportation coordination, online check in, and tips, tricks, and recommendations for your Disney vacation.


Q) If your services are free, and you don't mark up the prices, how do you make money?
A) Disney charges you the same price whether you book directly with them, or through an agency. If you book directly for them, it's more money in their pocket. However, Disney knows that guests that utilize Authorized Disney Vacation Planners have a better experience overall, and are more likely to visit again. With that in mind, they pay a commission to agencies that book Disney vacations. 


Q) Should I price shop other travel agencies?
A) You certainly can, however all agencies get pricing directly from Disney. If two agents are pricing the exact same package, they will both have the same pricing. If you are price shopping, or plan to price shop, please let your agent know in your initial conversation as a courtesy. This will allow them to make sure all package details are an exact match. Please keep in mind that if you are price shopping with more than one agent, you are going to leave at least one person with no payment for the work they have done on your behalf. 


Q) When is the best time to do a Disney Vacation? 

A) If you want the best pricing, and lower crowds, we recommend that you travel while school is in session and avoid holidays. Christmas through mid January is the busiest season, and summers are also considered peak season.








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